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Transforming Connectivity Worldwide

Starlink, SpaceX's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, is revolutionizing the satellite communications industry. Developed to provide global broadband internet, Starlink comprises over 6.000 satellites (projected to exceed 12.000). This initiative is reshaping communication infrastructure globally, impacting satellite and cellular operators, service providers, antenna manufacturers, and system integrators. Offering high-speed, low-latency internet access, Starlink stands as a transformative force in global connectivity.


Satellite Constellation

Starlink deploys thousands of small satellites in low Earth orbit, creating a constellation for continuous and widespread coverage all across the entire globe.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

Unlike traditional satellites at higher altitudes, Starlink satellites operate in low Earth orbit, between 340 km and 500 km. This positioning results in lower latency and faster data transmission.

Global Coverage

Starlink provides high-speed internet access to virtually every corner of the globe.

User Terminal (Dish)

Customers access internet service through the "Starlink Dish" or user terminal, a high-performance antenna with no moving parts.

Speed and Latency

Starlink provides high-speed internet with low latency, making it suitable for applications such as online gaming, video conferencing, and other real-time activities.

Global Internet Competition

Starlink poses a disruptive force in the global telecommunications industry, challenging traditional providers by offering a competitive alternative in terms of speed, coverage, and accessibility.


At Hydra Monaco, we understand the unique connectivity needs of the maritime industry, especially when it comes to luxury yachts. That’s why we’ve partnered with FMC – Starlink Authorized Reseller – to offer cutting-edge solutions that bring high-speed internet to the open waters.



We provide and assist you with the installation thanks to our certified field engineers.

VoIP Phone Number

With unlimited calls in 46 countries included


Other concerns include the inability to modify the IP range, posing a challenge when installing on a yacht that utilises that specific range — a common scenario. While bypassing the router to assign the WAN IP to your device is possible, this approach necessitates managing all security aspects through your infrastructure.

Fusion Bonding

One of Starlink’s terms is that the warranty will be void if the antenna is installed in a dome or the cable is cut. As an Authorised Starlink Reseller, we hold stock where yachts operate in Spain, Italy, France and the USA, and we can deliver to any country.

Client Portal

With the Starlink system, our Client Portal incorporates a warning mechanism. This system automatically dispatches an email alert when the end-user's set limit is about to be reached. This preemptive alert aims to prompt the user to take necessary actions in order to prevent any potential Bill Shock.

Premium Support

Support Service by submitting inquiries through the App. Upon posing a question, they promptly acknowledge receipt via both the app and email, expressing their commitment to responding. However, both instances receive the actual response approximately 24 hours later. This delay could be a cause for concern, particularly during system down times. Although the response time hasn't significantly worsened with increased activity, Starlink does not offer guidance on integrating their service into a yacht's network. For comprehensive assistance, especially concerning conflicting IP address issues, the yacht may still require support from its Systems Integrator. Fortunately, support and integration services are also available through Authorized Resellers like us.Our support is top-notch, providing 24/7 assistance via both voice and email.Additionally, we offer quicker access to Starlink directly, and our expertise goes beyond the router, explicitly tailored to the yachting needs.


With Starlink for yachts, you can elevate your maritime experience to new heights. Enjoy fast and reliable internet access, stay connected with loved ones, and ensure smooth operations on board. Trust Hydra Monaco to bring the power of Starlink to your yacht and embark on a journey where connectivity knows no bounds.
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At Hydra Monaco, we can support fleet managers and fleet owners in their transition to the future of telecommunication, taking advantage of the technological features of Starlink.

By leveraging these key features, the Starlink application for fleets aims to provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for maritime communication needs, supporting various operational aspects of fleet management.


“Experience unparalleled connectivity on your yacht with Hydra Monaco’s Starlink solutions. Stay connected, enhance operations, and elevate your maritime experience with fast and reliable internet access.