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Unlocking High-Speed Connectivity: Leveraging 5G Networks for Maritime Advantages

5G networks, when available near the coast or in port areas, can offer high-speed and low-latency wireless connections. This can be beneficial for activities such as downloading software updates for onboard devices. 5G networks are typically deployed in urban and coastal areas. When a vessel is within the range of a 5G network, it can take advantage of high-speed, low-latency connections for various purposes.


Optimising Bandwidth

While Starlink provides global coverage and reliable connectivity, it may not always offer the same low latency and high-speed performance as 5G networks, especially in urban or nearshore areas.

Backup and Redundancy

5G could be used as a backup or redundancy option for Starlink connectivity, ensuring that there is always a connection available in case of issues with one of the services.


Vessels may today benefit from both technologies. For example, they could use Starlink to obtain reliable connectivity in open waters while utilising 5G connectivity when near urban areas or terrestrial stations.

Efficient Software Updates and IoT

When a vessel is in a port or nearshore area with 5G coverage, it can use the high-speed 5G network to download and install software updates for onboard devices efficiently. This can help optimise bandwidth usage and reduce the time (and the cost) required for updates.

Combined Usage and Speed Fusion

Depending on the requirements, some applications may require combining both technologies to ensure maximum reliability and connection speed.

5G and Starlink can work together to provide a comprehensive connectivity solution for the maritime industry. While Starlink ensures reliable connectivity in remote and open sea areas, 5G can offer high-speed, low-latency connections when vessels are nearshore or in port. This combination can be helpful in efficiently handling tasks like software updates for onboard devices, ensuring that critical systems are up-to-date and functioning optimally.


Hydra Monaco offers a variety of service plans, including unlimited plans and pay-as-you-go options. Providing diverse service plans allows us to cater to different customer needs and preferences within the maritime industry.



By offering unlimited and pay-as-you-go plans, we’re providing our customers with options that suit their specific requirements, whether they need continuous high-speed connectivity or occasional access during their maritime journeys. This flexibility can enhance your appeal to a wide range of clients in the marine industry.


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